We are a team of people with expertise in the art and science of window cleaning. Some of us have owned and operated window cleaning businesses. Others of us have been employed by window cleaning companies and are intimately acquainted with the demands of the work and the industry.

Window Cleaning Tools is a company built to support those in the window cleaning field. Our guides and reviews are drawn from our extensive combined experience as well as from carefully curated research. We understand that technology is always on the move, and new window cleaning tools and products emerge regularly. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of developments.

Our team understands that windows come in a huge range of installations designed to meet the specific needs of many different applications. Hospitals, industrial plants, military installations, academic institutions, entertainment complexes, skyscrapers, retail locations, business parks, manufacturing facilities, historic buildings, and more—all have windows that get dirty and need to be cleaned. Add to commercial windows the wide selection of windows made especially for residences, and the variations increase exponentially. 

Not all windows are created equal. Meaning, there are many varieties of installation, ranging from humble to grand and aesthetic to strictly utilitarian. Understanding the extent of possibilities as well as the important factors to consider when making selections can be overwhelming. 

This is where our team comes in.

The Window Cleaning Tools team possesses comprehensive knowledge about windows that spans all sectors and applications. We’re uniquely suited to providing the resources that people need in order to weigh options and make decisions. Our easy-to-read guides, unbiased comparisons, comprehensive lists, and reasoned recommendations help our readers gain the confidence that they’re making the best choices for their budgets and spaces.

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