Aluminium Window Cleaning Tools

Clean windows make a big difference in how clearly we can see the world, and how good a home looks from its exterior. Many people get the notion that as soon as their old windows look dirty or collect grime that they need to replace them. It can be a very expensive and untrue assumption.

Windows today can cost thousands of dollars apiece. aluminium and steel windows are exceptional because they can last decades with the right care and attention. Twice a year, or with the major changes in season, it is time to inspect, clean, and maintain windows.

Aluminium Window Cleaning Tools

aluminium has two major factors that can impact them — anodising can wear off, and staining or spotting can develop. Most aluminium has a coating already on it. If it is intact, it might have a light coloration to it that is different than aluminium’s tell-tale grey or silver colour.

Oven Cleaner, A Rag, And A Brush

Whatever the state of the aluminium, it can be cleaned and polished. It is a very durable and easy-to-clean metal. A little instant oven cleaner sprayed onto the surface will help clear off spots. Of course, go for a fumeless variety, and be sure to ventilate the space while allowing the oven cleaner to work.

Once the oven cleaner has done its work, wipe it off with a clean wet cloth. For more difficult-to-clean stains, use a wire or nylon brush to help debride the metal. Then, use a warm and wet cloth to remove the gunk. It may take a little bit of elbow grease the first time you clean. With subsequent seasons, it should get easier.

Aluminium Polish

Next up is the most satisfying step. It is using an aluminium polish. This step restores the shine. Be mindful, some metal polishes are pungent, containing ammonia. Again, keep air circulating in the house to ventilate the space where you are polishing the aluminium.

Have a dry and clean cloth ready and follow all of the package’s directions. Some call for allowing the polish or jelly to dry and then polishing off the surface, while others call for “buffing the product into the surface”.

Another aspect of some windows is window channels. They can easily become caked on with grit and dirt from outside within the channels. This is a problem on older sliding aluminium windows. Simply employ water, a brush, and patience. If the dirt is thick enough it may take a few sweeps before the channels are clean.

Glass Window Cleaning Tools

Glass takes well to cleaning with vinegar, or simple spray glass cleaner. Though, if the dirt is significant enough, replete with dead insects, dirt, and leaves, soapy water may be necessary before getting to the simple glass cleaners. Depending on the style of window, you may have to get out a tall ladder to reach them on the interior or exterior of your home.

In short, the tools to clean an aluminium window include glass cleaner, soap and water, plenty of clean rags, aluminium or metal polish, and oven cleaner. You may also need a bucket and a ladder.