Wood Window Cleaning Tools

Even after vinyl and metal’s introduction into the marketplace over the past 80 years, homeowners’ love affair with wooden windows justifiably continues. Wood is an excellent natural insulator against sound and unwanted cold or heat. It embodies traditional styles and lends a rich look and a warm feel to a home. The secret to keeping […]

Our Top Seven Window Cleaning Tools

In search of the best and most efficient cloths, sponges and vacuums we took on some window washing which included some very large glass doors leading to a garden. After thoroughly assessing the gadgets which were used in terms of value over price, practicality and overall performance, we have produced our list of top seven […]

Getting More from Your Tools

While window cleaning tools can make it easier for you to keep your windows clean, they aren’t the only thing you’ll need. Washing windows can be a complicated chore, and you’ll want to learn how to perform it properly. If you follow these tips, you should be able to make your windows sparkle. 1. Don’t […]

Aluminium Window Cleaning Tools

Clean windows make a big difference in how clearly we can see the world, and how good a home looks from its exterior. Many people get the notion that as soon as their old windows look dirty or collect grime that they need to replace them. It can be a very expensive and untrue assumption. Windows […]

Starting A Window Cleaning Company

Are you considering starting a window cleaning business? If so, it is important to understand everything involved. This includes which window cleaning tools you will need, how to structure your new business and how to get customers. Getting started does not have to be hard, but it will take a bit of work. You should […]