Our Top Seven Window Cleaning Tools

In search of the best and most efficient cloths, sponges and vacuums we took on some window washing which included some very large glass doors leading to a garden. After thoroughly assessing the gadgets which were used in terms of value over price, practicality and overall performance, we have produced our list of top seven window cleaning tools.

1. Karcher WV2 Vacuum

Out of all the vacuums which were tested not only did this one has the widest blade, but it was also very quiet and provided high quality end results. This model only comes with a charger but can be upgraded for a small price. It also included an attachment which was bit narrower, so it is easy to use on smaller panes, a spray bottle with a cleaning head was also included.

2. Window Trigger Spray Mop

Using a ladder can be quite dangerous and tricky so this second choice is great to reach those higher windows. The mop and wiper which are extendable can really reach far up and since it includes a trigger spray you can say goodbye to dunking in a mop bucket.

3. Vax Window Cleaner

Of all the vacuum window cleaners that we tested this one was lightweight and not bulky. You are guaranteed to reach those hard to get window edges thanks to its pivoting head. There is also a trigger spray which allows you to apply cleanser or water right on the window as you work.

4. The Scoopy Condensation Squeegee

This little gadget is fabulous. As you scoop upwards on your window all the cleaning residue is picked up and stays in the handle. This is a great way of recycling water being as if there are no cleansers or condensation being used the water can go straight to the houseplants.

5. Vileda Windomatic

The run-time on this gadget is a continuous twenty minutes so before having to recharge you have plenty of time to take care of the patio windows and doors. Not much dripping was experienced thanks to the head which is flexible and allows for easy clean-up of water in the corners.

6. OXO Wiper Blade Squeegee

As far as squeegees are concerned, this one is as smooth as they come. Its car wiper blade is very flexible so excess suds will have to be wiped up. It was impressive that each use was completely streak free.

7. H2O Steam Cleaner

This steam cleaner is quite versatile, its strap is removable and handheld, and it includes a squeegee attachment designed specifically for cleaning windows. Although this steamer is for cleaning windows it can also be used to steam anything from floors, counter and even upholstery.

These are our top seven window cleaning tools. We suggest you pick one that best fits the window type and cleaning needs you personally have. Maybe inquire with friends and family who may have purchased one of the above-mentioned window cleaning tools and ask them which one worked best for them.