Wood Window Cleaning Tools

Even after vinyl and metal’s introduction into the marketplace over the past 80 years, homeowners’ love affair with wooden windows justifiably continues. Wood is an excellent natural insulator against sound and unwanted cold or heat. It embodies traditional styles and lends a rich look and a warm feel to a home. The secret to keeping the wood working for you is maintenance and cleaning.

Wood Window Cleaning Tools

It is essential that you look at wood windows twice a year, especially if you have particularly hot and humid months, or wet and cold weather. The first tool is a set of eyes. You will have to inspect the wood for signs of rot, wearing away, and even chipping paint, worn stain, and bare wood.

Wood requires sanding and painting every few years. Because wood can swell with the humidity, and contract in the cold, it is common for stain and paint to crack and chip. When this happens, it means the wood needs to be sanded and re-stained or painted, or else it will start to rot from the beating of hot sun or moisture entering the grain.

Because of the re-painting and expansion, paint has a chance to melt into cracks and crevices. In such cases, you will need a paint scraper. The scraper is also useful for removing paint from the glass, an inevitable trial and tribulation of painting wood.

Make sure that when you buy paint, you buy plenty for touch-ups between major paintings. In addition, always have plenty of sandpaper and clean paintbrushes on hand. You may need a ladder to ensure that you can safely reach the upper windows on your home.  

Cleaning Screens and Window Channels

Depending on the type and age of a wood window setup, you may have metal or a pulley system with weights. If you have metal, they will require lubrication periodically. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep the channels clean and functioning properly.

Where old fashioned pulleys and weights are in place, it is best to keep bugs and rodents away. In addition, keep the channels clean by using a vacuum, and dust rags. If you do have to use any water, be sure it will dry fast. You do not want to introduce moisture that will get up under the wood, or into the rope. It will cause mould and rot.

If you have glass, check for any cracks or breaks in the glazing. If there are breaks, it is best to call a professional glazier to swap the old glass out.

Caulking is essential as well. Wood can settle and move and may introduce new air holes. Caulking is an excellent way to keep the home secured from air leakage and bugs.

Glass cleaner, paper towels, a squeegee, rags, and a bucket are perfect for cleaning the glass. Be sure to keep wood clean and maintained to enjoy decades of use from wood windows. When in doubt hire a professional and let them figure out the wood window cleaning tools for you.